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The Climate Change Exchange

Connecting climates for change

Does your organization need support to make informed decisions about climate change adaptation and mitigation?

Do you need help finding the most relevant, current research to help inform your decision-making?

Do you need help connecting with others working on similar challenges in different sectors?

Do you or your organization need to develop skills or capacities to respond to climate change?

The Climate Change Exchange can help you. We are a team of experienced researchers and practitioners who are working with a wide range of organisations to support research needs, build skills and capacities, and foster collaboration and innovation.

The Exchange is a place where your organization can have specific questions answered and obtain guidance and advice. It will facilitate a multi-sector network to enable the sharing of lessons and insights and help build partnerships between different groups and organisations.

The Exchange is a not-for-profit organisation that is committed to the goals of equity and ecological sustainability in working towards a climate resilience future. Hosted by RMIT during its pilot first year, the Climate Change Exchange aims to build the capabilities of organisations to make evidence-informed decisions and take actions that target the root drivers of risks and vulnerabilities.

The Climate Change Exchange



The Climate Change Exchange




Why do we need The Climate Change Exchange?

A well-informed understanding of climate change, its current and future impacts, and potential responses is necessary to enable individuals, communities, policy makers and others to take practical effective action to support our transition to a well-adapting, sustainable future. This goes beyond communicating the science. It relies on relating the implications of climate change to the things people care about, including identifying those factors that contribute to increased vulnerability to climate change.

Across Victoria, many organisations are working on all kinds of climate change challenges. While many have limited resources and time, they recognise the need for change. Despite this growing demand for change, there is currently no central accessible place for organisations to meet, learn from one another, find out what’s going on (in research or practice), or to undertake professional development. The Exchange seeks to address this gap and help harness the power of these collective skills and knowledge to more effectively address our shared climate change challenges.

The Exchange will work in partnership with other networks and organisations to foster cross-sector collaborations and help to build organisational and sector capabilities. Our members and supporters include Greenhouse Alliances, local governments, state government agencies, statutory authorities, community and health services, emergency management, utilities, and natural resource management agencies, alongside Victoria’s universities and research institutes.

The Exchange is a knowledge broker, research translator, and a place for support, training and professional development for those working on climate change. 

What we offer

The Climate Change Exchange is a central ‘go to’ home where your organization can have specific questions answered, obtain guidance and share in a community of practice.

The Climate Change Exchange offers evidence-informed based solutions through:

  • Being a point of contact and questions
  • Case studies
  • Conducting and facilitating innovative training workshops, peer-to-peer learning activities, professional development seminars, and an Annual Exchange Conference,
  • Supporting and coordinating fee-for-service, applied research partnering between practitioners and researchers to address gaps in knowledge and practice and build capability to respond. 

Membership benefits

  1. Access to the Support Desk where members will receive:
    • research guidance and translation
    • tailored briefs on key issues and topics
    • sharing case studies
    • match-making with similar projects and organisations.
  2. Professional development courses.
  3. Annual conference
  4. Input into topics of professional development activities
  5. Guidance on developing research projects
  6. Podcasts and webinars on current adaptation and mitigation activities.

Please contact the Climate Change Exchange at to enquire about becoming a member or partner.

The Climate Change Exchange



The Climate Change Exchange



How we work

As a sustained place of knowledge exchange and capacity building, the Climate Change Exchange supports actions and practices to actively enable long-term community and environmental resilience. Created and managed as an interactive, responsive and supportive network, the Climate Change Exchange actively connects multiple sectors enabling them to build their internal capabilities while also collaborating to address shared challenges and advance systemic change.

Climate Change Exchange fosters collaboration and innovation by connecting research and practice, and people and organisations dealing with the challenges of climate change.

Climate Change Exchange is a safe place to ask questions - small, large, difficult, sensitive and complex. It provides a supportive place for people and organisations working on some truly challenging issues.




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