Some Useful Guides

Australia’s National Resilience Taskforce’s Guidance for Strategic Decisions on Climate and Disaster Risk contains some highly useful guidance on:
– governance
– vulnerability
– using scenarios, and
– prioritisation

The Wayfinder Guide

Wayfinder is a process guide for resilience assessment, planning and action in social-ecological systems. Developed by the Stockholm Resilience Centre, Wayfinder aims to help practitioners, project teams, policymakers and other change-makers navigate towards sustainable, safe, and just futures.

Adaptation Pathways Playbook

This Adaptation Pathways Playbook presents an approach to climate change adaptation planning known as adaptation pathways. While it was developed for NRM users, it guides any user through five broad activities or ‘plays’ that make up an approach to pathways planning. 

Research Impact as Ethos reflects a fundamental shift towards a co-created, embedded and positive research impact culture. It highlights a growing pool of open-access resources and references to help inform, guide, challenge and inspire policies and practices in a climate of change.

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