Exchange Brief: Sector Perspectives

Climate Justice on the Frontline: The role of community service organisations in adapting to climate change

This Exchange Brief provides a background on the intersection between climate justice and frontline community service organisations (CSOs). It is designed as a short introduction for practitioners seeking to better understand why they need to engage with adaptation, or to help guide those looking to develop a business case for climate change adaptation within their organisation.

Key Messages
• Climate change impacts health and well-being in many ways that are not always obvious
• Individuals and communities already experiencing forms of disadvantage and marginalisation are disproportionally impacted by climate change
• Vulnerability to climate change is complex and contextual. Understanding who is vulnerable, why they are vulnerable and what to do about it are key adaptation questions
• Frontline CSOs have insights, knowledge and connections into communities that are critical to understanding and addressing adaptation
• However, frontline CSOs are also at risk from climate change. If frontline CSOs fail to cope this will have compounding impacts on the communities in which they work.

This Exchange Brief is an output resulting from various collaborative projects with Community Service Organisations. Funding support was received through the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation Proactive Grants program and the Victorian Government’s 3CA grants awarded to Jesuit Social Services for Social Care and Community Organisations in Greater Melbourne.

Follow this link to access the brief.