Climate Justice in a Climate-Changed World

This suite of journal articles discusses climate justice from a range of perspectives and asks important questions about it.

The Exchange is committed to enabling climate justice.

Climate justice is concerned with the intersections between climate change and social inequalities and ecological degradation. It has grown in public debate and grassroots campaigning over the past decade, where not for profits and environmental NGOs in particular, increasingly make the connection between human rights, uneven development, ecological degradation and climate change. Often presented as a question of human rights, climate justice debates emphasis that climate change disproportionately burdens the poorest and least advantaged.

This collection of short articles considers climate justice from a range of perspectives:

  • land use planning education and as a profession
  • the research underpinning climate change
  • the sharing of that knowledge via entities such as The Exchange
  • housing, and
  • adaptation planning.

Taken together, the papers reveal that how we frame, articulate, and enact our work is itself a live climate justice question.