Climate Change Exchange Adaptation Planning Report 2020

This project examines how four Victorian based organisations and councils have approached climate change adaptation planning and, based on their experiences, have produced recommendations for ‘best practice’ adaptation planning.

Exploring climate change adaptation planning from an organisational perspective, this project is based on qualitative interviews across four organisations (Yarra Valley Water, Western Alliance for Greenhouse Action (WAGA), Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority and Maroondah City Council), to gain first-hand information about the successes, challenges and processes involved in developing adaptation plans.

All four organisations who participated in this research approached their respective adaptation plans differently. Some favoured internal consultation, while others relied more heavily on expert external bodies; for some developing a climate change adaptation plan was mandated, while for others it was voluntary. All had differing resources and tools available. However, all organisations have illuminated a need for more multi-sector collaboration and integration of climate change awareness into organisational culture. These research findings recommend that organisations align their adaptation plans with other key policies and strategies, collaborate with others to pool resources, build adaptive capacity and continually upskill and learn.

Lauren Blair, Karunvir Kaur, Naomi Kelsey, Sacha McDonald-Shaw

Key People


Associate Professor Susie Moloney
Strategic Advisor