Associate Professor Susie Moloney

Dr Susie Moloney is an Associate Professor in Sustainability and Urban Planning in the School of Global Urban and Social Studies and a member of the Centre for Urban Research (CUR), RMIT University.

Her research focuses on urban sustainability, land-use planning and climate change and the implications for policy and governance particularly at the local and regional scale. She has worked for both the public and private sectors in the urban planning and sustainability policy domains.

Over recent years she has worked on a range of applied climate change research projects with local and state government and community sector organisations. Susie has a particular interest in local climate change governance and has worked with and researched local governments and alliances for a number of years.

In early 2021, Susie joined Jesuit Social Services as the Executive Director Centre for Just Places, an initiative set up to address place-based disadvantage and enable resilient, inclusive and regenerative communities.