About us

The Exchange is a network for researchers and practitioners progressing transitions to sustainable and just futures under a changing climate. Connect with us!

The Climate Change Exchange helps organisations and individuals understand and address climate change challenges in the context of other complex societal and environmental issues. Committed to climate justice, our work aims to foster transformational change towards a sustainable, fair future.

This work requires a lot more than just communicating or translating science and research. It demands genuine collaboration and co-production through networked, respectful relationships. The Exchange therefore works to connect, support, and harness the collective skills, efforts, and knowledge of many organisations and individuals to more effectively address our shared climate change challenges and actively move toward that sustainable, fair future.

A not-for-profit, multi-sector network of practitioners and researchers, The Exchange enables the sharing of lessons and insights across different sectors, issues and places. It support partnership building among different groups and organisations. It provides a central accessible place for organisations, networks, and individuals to connect, learn, and share. The Exchange can help address specific questions, as well as provide guidance, advice, connections, and case studies.

Join us.